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Being an aunt by far though is my favorite thing in the world and you'll often see them as my muse on here. They have sparked my love for capturing authentic and sweet moments because I know how fast they can past by. I love working with families, couples, and anyone who is willing to be present enough to stop, pause and appreciate all we have is right now --- you, me and a camera. So I hope we get to meet very soon and create something sweet.

hi, im madison.

I'm a Southern California native and live my life by the mantra "all is well in my world" because every day I learn it truly is. I wear Birkenstocks all year long and eat avocados with almost every meal. In my free time you will most likely find me near the beach,or at a concert!

My background with photography started with my first digital camera when I was 11 years old. Ever since then my heart has been in the creative field. I graduated from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and up until recently was an executive assistant at indie beauty company where I managed + performed duties within social media, marketing, and product development.


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